Wednesday, March 26, 2008

It's so easy to lay down your heart to someone you feel you are falling with. What's hard is when they pick it up and give it back to you.

Oh well! Its been a while since I last posted. I'm just super busy with school. You know, the damn Final Examinations just started last Monday. I wasn't really prepared when I went to school that day because I attended a birthday party the day before. And besides, I didn't review that much.

First set of exams were QTB and World Literature. Supposedly, that would be three exams but all of a sudden, our professor just decided to reschedule it the day after. QTB is a math subject and I didn't find it that difficult. And as a matter of fact, World Lit was much more difficult than QTB. I never thought that our exam on Lit would be that hard. I hate is, as in. I didn't know what to write on my test paper because I was really clueless about it. The questions were far from what I have studied. All my answers were purely guesses so as to my friends. Well, all of us didn't have any idea on where our respective professors took those questions. We just hope to pass the subject, not the exam though.

Last night, I did our Flash project. Actually, we had one already but I decided to create a new one since we just downloaded the first one. And since I need a high grade on that subject, I created another one. It is a group project, by the way.

Yesterday, our supposed NOS exam was rescheduled once again. But some had taken their exams that day and they informed us that it was so difficult. I wasn't surprised. Knowing our professors, they are capable of doing exams as bloody as hell. I had some sort of kulitan with my friends before we had our first and last exam for that day. After taking the exams, we had picture taking using JL's Macbook. Lots of funny and weird poses. Just check my Multiply for the pictures. We went home at 7:30pm.

Today, my first exam was at 10:30am that's why I went to school early. We stayed at the catwalk for a little while then we decided to go to our rooms. Flash exam wasn't as difficult as my other exams since Monday. I was able to answer the questions. Maybe, because, I studied very well last night. I'm confident that I will pass it but I'm not sure if I can get high score. After the exam, the boys and the girls separated ways. The boys ate somewhere in Intramuros while us, girls, decided to stay at 7/11 because of the very smarting heat of the sun.

Afterwards, we stayed at the catwalk and talked non-stop. Since the boys are planning of a boys night out, we also want to have a girls night out. And we also talked about the upcoming Grad Ball where the IT staff decided to let the Juniors join that said event. That would be held in BagaBerde. I'm still unsure because the fee is more expensive than that of the IT Knights Out. I'm just waiting for my friends' decision regarding it.

We took our NOS exam which had been rescheduled twice and it was nosebleed. Just like the Lit exam, we just guessed. It was like a group exam eh because we were talking and asking questions to one another. And the answers will be passed to everyone in the room, just like chain reaction. It was so funny. Our professor knew it but he just smiled at the fact that we were like that. Maybe he also knows that we cannot answer those difficult questions. But we don't have to worry because we will pass the subject, for sure.

Tomorrow, I will be having one set of examination which is Discrete Math. I haven't studied and instead of studying, here I am, facing my laptop and browsing the internet. I'm kinda lazy now eh, maybe, later.