Friday, March 28, 2008

There are moments in life when you miss someone so much that you just want to pick them up from your dreams and hug them real.

Finally, I'm back and now it's for good. haha :P Just today, our oh so bloody Final Examinations ended. And sad to say, the last exam that we have taken was super difficult knowing that it was just a minor subject only. But I know I don't need to worry because our professor is so considerate from the very beginning of this semester. I might expect that my grade in Theo will get lower but I know I will not fail the subject.

After how many months of pressure, stress, fun and never ending laughters, my Junior year is now over. How time flies. It was the first day of first semester when I felt nervous about the new chapter in my life - the junior year. I was so worried about how this semester will turn out after learning that Dyei and Eunice wouldn't be my classmates anymore. But then, the semester have become one of the best semesters in my college life. The turn of events were really different. I didn't expect that the first semester of my junior life would be that fun. Lots of things happened on me school and love related. haha :D But then, everything turned out to be just fine though at some point in time, there were problems just suddenly arose.

Then second semester came and I'm pretty sure that it has become the best semester ever. Why? Because during this semester, I have experienced a lot of new things. During this semester, my friendship with the Chillax Crew just became stronger. We became closer and I was able to understand the personalities of some of my friends whom I wasn't close with during the past semesters. And I'm so glad because I have built a strong bond with them.

I have enjoyed every moment I have with the Chillax and Thine Iced. The moments I have with them are memories to cherish and treasure forever. And now, I can say that college is indeed fun, much better than high school, for me. It created a different Cez. It brings out the real me, I'm able to get out of my shell and of my comfort zone and I learned a lot of things.

It is just so nice to reminisce all the moments of my Junior life. It is the best year ever. I have seen the transformation of myself from a shy girl into a person I have become now. I can now say that I don't really regret the fact that I chose MCSE as my track. I love it so much.

And now, I'm on my way to the last year of my college life - Senior Year. I'm not yet ready because I still don't want to end my student life. I know that after all of our hardworks have been paid off, we will seldom have the bonding which we used to have now. But then, I can't wait to see ourselves wearing corporate attires and working on big companies around the world. But still, at some point in time, it is so saddening especially when I start thinking of it. I'm just wishing that we will become successful professionals in the near future.

But now, I want to seize and savor every moment I have with them. Just like this afternoon after we all have taken the last exam for this semester, we bonded. We stayed at Letran until 7:00pm. The boys played basketball and we, the girls, watched and cheered for them. We also planned about the upcoming outing of the Crew. I'm so excited and I just can't wait to hit the beach.

Oh, by the way, I have a big crush on the PBB teen housemate, Robi. He is super duper gorgeous. Everything in him seems so perfect. He has the looks and the brain, as well, just like Chris Tiu.