Sunday, March 2, 2008

Never ever reach a point where you regret something just because you thought it was a mistake. Remember, once upon a time, it made you smile.

Since Friday, I am so worried about our thesis because there are so many problems arose. Yeah, even though the Defense is just 5 days away, we still encounter a lot of problems. First, our documents are missing and I don't know if my professor was able to find it or not. Second, our Mock Defense is on Tuesday and we haven't revised the first three chapters because we haven't received our documents from our professor. Third, I have happy go lucky thesismates. I don't know how to handle them. There are times that they are very much concern about the thesis but there are also times that they don't even reply to any of my text messages. Fourth, we still need to add more information and figures on the thesis but I don't know how to start because I haven't talked to any of my thesismates. And last, I am just so nervous with the upcoming Final Defense. I don't want this kind of feeling. And knowing me, I'm so pessimistic eh. I'm just hoping and praying that everything will be okay as soon as possible.

Yesterday, I started editing the thesis but you know, it was really hard especially if there were so many things occupying my mind. Imagine, I opened my laptop at 9:30 in the morning yet my mind started working at 10:30am. It was just so difficult because nothing was coming out from my mind. Maybe because, I was thinking about our lost documents and all the revisions that we should do. Plus, that time, my thesismates were not replying to me. They were so busy doing their own business, having fun and enjoying their gimmick.

But I have accomplished some things yesterday. Two of my thesismates replied to me and I gave them things that they should do. I, as well, updated them about the things that we still need to do and finish.

And then, this morning, I continued doing thesis stuffs. It was really brain-draining. By the way, doing the Gantt Chart and the work breakdown structure is so confusing. I tried my best to do those two and I'm still not sure if I did the right thing. If I could still remember, Gantt Chart and WBS were discussed to us during our 2nd year-2nd sem days and I admit, i forgot everything. I was not aware that we will be dealing with it again.

Anyway, we attended a party this afternoon. For me, it was some sort of a brain-break. It was the 3rd Birthday celebration of my inaanak, Josh though his real birthday will be tomorrow. It was another bonding moments with my cousins and some relatives. It was super fun. I enjoyed a lot. I joined a game and we didn't win. Too bad. Well, I was there to enjoy and to have a 2-hour break. Yeah, two hours because after the party, I went back to what I was doing this morning.

Probably, this would be my last post until Saturday because I will be very busy about the thesis and for the preparation on our upcoming Final Defense. Please pray for all of us that we may pass. Thanks!

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