Tuesday, March 18, 2008

It's so hard to be friends with someone special when everytime you look at that person, it just hurts even more knowing that all you see is ultimately everything that you want, but you cannot have.

I have been absent in the world of blog for the longest time as of the moment. I became so busy with school and until now, I'm still in the process of accomplishing some of my school stuffs.

For the past few days, my thesismates and I were really problematic with regards to our thesis after we have given the verdict of Major Revision during the final defense. The problem that we have encountered was so big and we really didn't have any idea on how to solve it. We haven't talked to our adviser and even to our professor. On the other hand, we are so happy after knowing that our individual grades are higher than what we have expected. We even got a grade higher than those students who had a verdict of Minor Revision.

Last Saturday, we went to PLM to talk about our thesis. As we went out of the university, I felt so worn out and hopeless. I told to myself "shoot! we're doomed." I was really thinking a lot on how we can survive this challenge. I hate the fact that I wasn't able to think of a good solution or alternative to it. I immediately texted Ian to inform him about it. Since he was busy that time, he replied that we will be going to talk about it on Monday.

Yesterday, our problem just got solved but I don't know if it is totally solved. Because the alternative that our adviser had chosen is so complicated to the point that we are so worried on what might happen as the RM2 starts. I know this will be very hard for us but we will try our best to make our thesis as one of the bests. Last night, we were all busy revising the thesis because it is due today. As usual, Ian and I stayed until 2am and 3am respectively. Yeah, he slept earlier than me because according to him, he was so sleepy. I let him while I was still in the process of editing our thesis.

We were able to pass the thesis today and I'm very much glad about it. At least, our burden has been lessened. We should now focus now on the upcoming Final Examinations and accomplishing some school works due next week.

This semester is about to end and I don't know what to feel. It's mixed emotions. I feel so happy because I know I have now time to relax and unwind. My mind will be free from any worries and all. I'm gonna be having the rest that I have been yearning for. But at the same time, I feel so sad because I know the bonding moments of Chillax and Thine Iced will be lessened. We will barely see each other because some are going to enroll this summer and some will be working.

Time flies really fast. I still remember when I posted to this blog how worried I was during the start of my junior life because it will more difficult than my sophomore year. I also posted here how happy I was to be able to know my friends more and how glad I was because I was able to bond with some of my classmates whom I never thought would be nice to me.

The memories of my junior year will forever be cherished. This year, in fact, is the best year for me because of so many reasons. This chapter of my life is something to be treasured because of all the happy memories and of course, experiences that I never thought that I could experience. I still don't want to end my junior life.

Anyway, Final exams is just a week away. I have a lot of time to review and study because of the Holy Week. Well, I have to give my best shot by this time because I know, during the Final term, I have been so lazy and all because my focus was on the thesis that we were working with. So, the only thing that I could do now is to study and prepare myself for the Final Examinations.

By the way, I'm looking forward to the Chillax Summer Getaway. Hopefully, it will push through. Wherever they want to go, I'm gonna be joining.