Friday, June 6, 2008

Sometimes I wish he'd be like my dad, always scared to lose me even though he knows I belong to him from the very start.

June 04, 2008

We were invited to a dinner party to celebrate Tita Amelia’s birthday. Her husband, Tito Mario, is actually a friend of my dad. They met each other in Saudi Arabia. Eventually, our families became great friends, as well. I thought that would just be a simple gathering and actually, I thought that it was just a simple dinner like the ones that we have attended last May. But I was totally wrong. When we arrived at their house which is located in Pavia (apparently, the place is near ours), I was truly stupefied with the number of people there. I mean, there were an immense number of people who attended the party. Some were staying outside enjoying the videoke machine. So, imagine, it was really noisy that time.

The house is too small to accommodate all the guests, that’s what I thought. We ate, of course. We went there to eat, right? Haha ;D We stayed outside because it was really hot inside the house. Tito Mario stayed in our table because he was the only person we knew that time aside from the birthday celebrator and their son. Mom and he talked while I and my brother just listened. Afterwards, we already went home since my grandparents were left all alone in our house together with the two kids, Camille and Cha-cha.

June 05, 2008

I spent the entire day in the salon to rejuvenate myself since classes will officially begin on Tuesday. I was with my mom and I had my hair rebonded. The process, I can say, was really long. It took us 9 hours to finish. We went there at 1 pm and we went home at 10pm. I never thought that it would be that long. But according to some who tried rebonding, it really takes hours for the entire process to finish. Just imagine me, sitting there for a very long time. It wasn’t tiring but my butt ached. But all in all, I was really satisfied and hopefully, it will last longer.

By the way, I find Jesse McCartney hot. Actually, when his song, Beautiful Soul, was released before, I wasn’t really attracted to the guy but I was totally hooked to the music itself. But after watching his music video, Leavin’, I just can’t get enough of him. His haircut, well, it suits him. Is it always the haircut that makes a person likeable? Take the case of David Cook. Look what it has done to the newest American Idol. He wasn’t really a heartthrob when he joined the contest but after his haircut, he suddenly became a hot item. Oh well, I just love David Cook and Jesse McCartney. They are so gorgeous.