Wednesday, June 25, 2008

You get in the biggest fights with the people you love the most, because those are the relationships you are willing to fight for.

After two days of no classes, here we are again, going back to school and attending classes like we always do. We had a 5-day break and I actually hate it for the mere fact that I still want to stay in school rather than here in the house. Maybe, because I'm so fed up with doing all the same stuffs everyday. And when I'm school, I feel happier because of my friends who never fail to make me laugh. They are the number one reason why I want to be in school, well, aside from allowance, of course. No dull moments when I am with them. I just love their company.

This day is not as sensible as you could imagine. The only thing I can remember today was our quiz in Comp303 which was partly difficult. Good thing, I was able to study and answer the questions correctly. Though I wasn't sure with some of my answers. Plus the fun discussion we had during our PolSci class. Too bad, I wasn't called for the recitation because I was really prepared. I memorized Preamble and I was really ready to recite but unlucky for me, I wasn't called though some were. Good for them.

A close friend of mine found out about this blog of mine. I wasn't really expecting that he'll found this out because I didn't give any clues about this. But, he searched through Google a keyword and my blog came out. Yeah, Niko, I'm pertaining to you. If you're reading this, oh well, welcome to my blog. Haha :) You see David Cook everywhere? Just to let you know, he is my obsession. And I know, you have read something about him (you know who I'm talking about), please, just keep your mouth shut. Haha :) That is a must, please keep in mind. Now, you have something to blackmail me. And one more thing, stop teasing me to him because I know I will blush. Hahaha :D You are my Kuya so just be nice to your little sister, okay?

Niko is one of the closest guy friends I have and I'm very thankful I have found a brother in him. I could say anything to him without any hesitations. He is actually one of the few people whom I told about the family problem we had a couple of years ago. And I'm so happy because he supported me all the way.

Anyway, a lot of tasks to do and accomplish and good thing, we have taken the first step and we're doing well. I won't give so much details regarding the Thesis and Seminar Workshop but I tell you now, it is getting better. Hopefully, everything will be fine.

And one more thing, I want to watch the Pep Rally tomorrow because Chicosci and Calla Lily will be there to perform. But I have a problem. My mom doesn't allow me to sleep overnight into another's house and with that, I don't know how will I go home. Probably, the event will end late, around 12am or 1am and I'm so scared to commute. We can't say eh, I'm really scared to ride jeepney because it is really late already. Oh well, I hope I could decide by tomorrow. I really want to watch, promise. Please help me decide.

Opening of NCAA on Saturday and I'm so anxious to watch. But I'm still undecided because I'm waiting for my friends' decision. I hope they'll come.