Saturday, June 7, 2008

I am just like one great movie. The problem is no matter how great a movie I may be, after the show, everyone leaves.

Last night, I really tried to watch Pinoy Idol from the moment I read from a forum that one of the Idol contestants will be singing a David Cook song. Billie Jean is the title of the song, originally sang by Michael Jackson and was given a great rendition by Chris Cornell. DC gave justice to the song when he sang it on American Idol and it became one of my favorite David Cook songs.

And when I found out that it was Warren who will be singing the song, I was pissed off because I really don't like him from the very start of the competition. He is a poser and a feeler. I just don't like him. And when he sang Billie Jean, he murdered it. My golly. He didn't gave justice to the song since he originally copied David Cook's version. He's such a copycat. He didn't even bother singing it in his own way. As in, he copied everything from David Cook. That time, I was hoping that the judges would be giving that Warren guy such horrible comments because it was totally obvious that he murdered it. And I was so happy with how the judges responded to the song especially when they said that they already heard it from David Cook. And when Ogie Alcasid asked Wyngard if he sees David Cook in him. Wyngard confidently replied: "No. Definitely not." I jumped with joy. Oh well, I'm just so hooked with David Cook and it hurts to know that everyone's into him already and all of his songs are being heard everywhere. Call me selfish but it's me eh.

Anyway, Ejay is the Big Winner of Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition Plus and I honestly hate the fact that he won. Robi should have won. He is way too deserving of the title Big Winner over that Promdi Guy who, from the very start, tried to believe us that he's innocent and that he doesn't know how to use cellphone. Oh, come on. Even young children knows how to use such gadget. But, votes have been casted and Ejay won though I really can't accept it. The only Big Winner I can whole-heartedly accept is Robi and him only. He is the true role model of the Filipino youth with how he behaves inside the house. And take note, he is not playing safe because a person with breeding behaves like he did inside the house. Beauty is the 4th Big Placer and Nicole was the 3rd Big Placer. I just hate the result of the show. It should have been Robi not Ejay. But I know, Robi will be successful in which field he chooses and that is being a Doctor. Way to go Robi! You are my Big Winner. And many people believe that it is you who truly exemplifies the character of a real Role Model for the youth.

Time for Rematch now as Roger Federer faces the defending champion Rafael Nadal in the much-awaited Championship game of Roland Garros. If Roger wins, it would be his first but if Rafa wins, it would be his fourth. So, I'm really looking forward to a great match and hopefully, this time, Roger will bring home the title. This is actually the only Grand Slam that he hasn't won yet and I do believe that now is the time for him to grab it. In the women's tennis, on the other hand, Anna Ivanovic is the new number one after dethroning Maria Sharapova. And Anna even won the French Open title.

Watch out for Lakers-Celtics match-up tomorrow.