Friday, June 2, 2006

my post is about what happened yesterday. okay?? this day is very boring for me eh.

i want to thank those people for their compliments on me. hehe. =D i just want to tell those people that i'm really grateful that they appreciated me, my BEAUTY. haha. =D 'coz there were those people who vocally told me that i'm BEAUTIFUL. thanks again for that. am i beautiful?? i don't think so. haha. =D

anywei, my mom and i just strolled around TUTUBAN CENTERMALL yesterday. she bought me a cute top. i don't know how to call it but it is really cute. i so love it. =D actually, that top has a touch of blue. it is see through but you still have to wear a spaghetti top inside.

as we were riding a jeepney coz we were heading home already, we were both surprised to see my former classmate MAMAY and her mom, TITA MARITA riding the same jeep with us. my mom was the one who did the talking. hehe. =D actually, i got quite disappointed 'coz i didn't have the time to mingle and chat with MAMAY bcoz they were going to SM eh. i wish i could have time to visit her one day. she was still the same MAMAY i've known before. nothing has changed. i miss her so much. she's been my best friend since elementary and we don't have any communication right now except text. though, their house is just walking distance from ours, still, i can't find time visiting her. but i'm so glad that i saw her again after how many months or years, i guess. she's still my best friend and DYEI of course, is my best friend too.

[edit] and by the way, my former classmates JOSHUA and SERJ came to our house to visit me and of course, to get their cds. yehey!!! i have money again. haha. =D they stayed here for a couple of hours [ain't sure]. we just talked and talked. hehe. =p and then, i cooked merienda for them. then, we surfed the net, watched videos using YOU TUBE. when the rain stopped, they went home already. haaaaay. i miss them too. i wish CAMILLE, NINIA, JOSI, MEAN and VHAN were here too. well, it's been a long time since i last saw them and i can't wait to see them again. and VHAN is now here in the PHILIPPINES with her baby. [/edit]

so, that's the end of my post. i can't find pics to post in here eh. just visit my picturetrail account. the link can be find on my CONTACTS section of this blog.

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