Thursday, June 1, 2006

New Layout

it is pretty obvious that i got a new layout and i so love it. =D it is really cute and the words on top really have deeper meaning for me. haha. =D

anywei, i'm still downloading songs just what i was doing these past few days. i have to finish those cds before the classes begin. i hope to finish those by tomorrow.

my stomach is aching right now and i don't know why. maybe because i just started doing sit-ups every morning and before i go to bed. well, i have to do that. hehe. =D i gained weight and i need to take diet seriously.

by the way, i watched this koreanovela in ABS-CBN entitled MY GIRL. i got hooked with it. the story is really cute as well as the characters there. i so love the character of JASMINE and the cuteness of JULIAN. haha. =D actually, they're BAGAY. haha. =D the chemistry is good plus it is really funny. =p just try watching it and i'm pretty sure, you'll love it.

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