Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Happy 11th Monthsary!!!

a month to go and THINE ICED will going to celebrate our 1ST YEAR ANNIVERSARY. i know i should be glad because we will be going to turn one but the sad part is that, AHYAN and DYAN are not here. and actually, we don't have any constant communication with them. DYAN left us when we were just 1st year. thanks to friendster, the only communication we have as of now. though, there's this cellfone, but still, we can't contact her. :c we don't have any news about her. we thought that she would be studying again at LETRAN this semester but sad to know, she didn't. then, we just got this news that AHYAN transferred to a new school but we don't know where. though, there's no confirmation at all, but still we are sure because she was not enrolled this semester at the colegio. we haven't seen her since the first day of class. during vacation, i used to text her but there was no reply. we don't have any news about her and thats make us feel sad knowing that we are 'kulang na'. but i hope, as we turn one, AHYAN and DYAN will surprise us by their presence. i'm looking forward to that.

yesterday was a tiring day for all of us. after our 1:30pm class, we went straightly to AMF PUYAT BOWLING AND BILLIARDS to attend our PE class. it was a hassle actually. we have to ride a train [LRT] from CENTRAL to QUIRINO then we have to walk a few meters [??] just to reach our destination. but gladly, we really enjoyed BOWLING. we just threw the ball to the lane so that we could experience playing then on the next meetings, they will going to teach us the footworks and some techniques. hehe. =D i was happy to meet BONG COO, one of the finest bowling superstars of our country. in fact, i told my mom that if i could really learn this sport, i will pursue. i mean, i would do a lot of practices and hopefully, to compete with other professional bowlers. that is if i could learn. haha. =D

so, i'll just end my post here. i have so many things to do. we have quizzes, assignment and recitation tomorrow eh.

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