Friday, June 30, 2006

Busy Again?!

another busy week has ended and i really felt tired for those school works that i have accomplished and will finish. it is really not easy being a college student coz right now, i'm feeling the pressure. a lot of works to do plus the fact that i'm an officer of the organization of our course. gosh!!! i really don't know what to do. i think, i'm going crazy. haha. =D

last tuesday, our proposed title and statement were approved by my english prof. yeah and i can't believe that. our topic is about the DESKTOP and LAPTOP COMPUTERS. we still need to accomplish the survey thingy wherein we are required to seek for 50 respondets which are LETRAN IT STUDENTS. haha. =D not that hard.

i'm starting to love BOWLING. hehe. =D its fun to play talaga and knowing that i can hit several pins makes me glad. haha. =D i learned the foot works already and hopefully, i could be a better bowler in the future. damn that!!! BOWLING just replaced my interest in TENNIS. hehe. =p

SUPERMAN is now on theaters nationwide but i don't have any interest watching that. i still prefer THE FAST AND THE FURIOUS TOKYO DRIFT which you know, i haven't watched pa. hehe. =D i'm still finding time so i could watch. according to those people who watched SUPERMAN RETURNS, it was really disappointing. the scenes were really predictable and they were not satisfied. so, i guess, i will not watch it na lang. hehe. =D

i have so many things to accomplish pa for the next two days.
*THEO - quiz on notes 1
*HISTO - the activity
*PHILO - quiz on predicable, predicament and definition
*LOGIC - the flowchart
*ENG - quiz on research
*PHYSICS - worded problems
*RIZAL - the presentation

aside form that, we still need to watch the game on monday at 2:00pm. CSJL will be facing the SSC-R [ata] not yet sure pa about the opponent. so i think, i will be very busy for the next two days. haaaay.

i'll just end my post here. next time na lang uli. =D

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