Wednesday, June 21, 2006


this week is a very busy week for all of us. grabeeeee. cramming talaga. =/ i'm really tired na talaga and bagsak na ung katawan ko. i'll just summarize the things that happened from monday till now.

our classes were full of discussion. i really felt bored especially on my HISTO. i really don't now why i feel boring during that subject. =/ full of laughters naman ung PHILO namin. SIR HARLEM was really funny. hehe. =D we studied ADDITION and SUBTRACTION of NUMBER SYSTEM during our LOGIC. it was kinda hard but i do understood the topic naman eh.

waaaah!!! i was really tired talaga on this day. first, ENGLISH. since, our prof was 'malat' that time, she asked me if i could be the prof for the day. before we went to the library, i explained to them what my prof had told me. first subject pa lang, we felt tired na. because we have to search 50 books, 10 each topic and write its author and title on yellow paper. well, sadly, we didn't finished it. during break, we didn't eat, instead we accomplished our lab report in PHYSICS. hassle talaga. =/ then, we have to pass it before our time. we saw our prof going to the library and we were still doubting if we should follow her or just wait for her. but we ended up following her to the lib and searched for her. fortunately, we find her and then we passed the lab report. then, we just watched the film JOSE RIZAL during our RIZAL class but we haven't finished it pa and we have to continue it next meeting. then, we attended our PE/BOWLING session at AMF PUYAT. a lot of fun but kinda annoying because instead of riding a LRT, we just rode a jeepney. i was with DYEI, EUNICE, IAN, JL, REX, JULIUS, ARNIE, PAUL [sorry for those people i didn't mention, i forgot xe eh.] too bad, i didn't enjoy the ride because of something that had happened. it was kinda personal eh. i'm sorry if couldn't mention it here. but i was glad because i got a STRIKE. haha. =D it was a fulfillment on my part. haha. =D

i really enjoy this day. i just laugh and laugh all day. hehe. =D they were funny xe eh. we had a convocation and we just stood for about an hour and a half. though, it was really hot, i enjoyed it naman bcoz of those funny things that had happened. =D

i'll just share to you the kiligness i felt because of JASMINE's line in MY GIRL last monday. JASMINE said to JULIAN, "di ka dapat maging mabait sa akin, naisip mo ba, panu kung ma-in love ako sa'yo." waaaah. kakakilig talaga. =D

i'll end up my post na. i have so many things to accomplish pa eh.

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