Sunday, June 18, 2006

Happy Father's Day!!!

today is FATHER'S DAY and i am not that happy knowing that my dad wasn't here right now. he's working abroad and he will be going here again next year, on my debut na. so, it will take a lot of time before we could see him again. but i texted him na and he called already. for me, HE IS THE BEST DAD!!! and i will never ever search for another dad bcoz no one can take his place here in my heart.

nywei, i just finished reviewing my PHILOSOPHY lessons and i'm done with my assignments in PHILO and HISTO. =D gosh!!! i find it really difficult to answer my assignment in PHILO because it is really hard talaga. the terms used in PHILO was very comlicated that's why it took me long hours studying but sad to say, i didn't understand it fully. hehe. =D

i've been addicted to HANGAROO these past few days. hehe. =D the game is so cute eh. =p it is really entertaining and it exercises my mind. haha. =D

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you know what guys, i got a big crush on PBBTE's ALDRED GATCHALIAN. =D he is super duper cute. actually, from the very start of PBBTE, he was my bet na that's why i felt sad when i knew that he will be going out of the house. but he is really lucky coz among the teen housemates, he is the most famous because of his looks, charm and talent. i am always tongue-tied with his dimples. waaaah!!! =D

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