Sunday, June 4, 2006

Bye, Bye Vacation!!!

well, for me, VACATION is finally OVER!!! waaaah. i'm not yet ready to study again. haha. =D tomorrow will be my first day as a COLLEGE SOPHOMORE. it seems that time moved so fast on me. it was just our SENIOR GRADUATION then, when suddenly here i am, a college sophomore already. oh my, i can't believe that i'm almost grown up na. just a year to go and i will be finally a LADY. i will be turning 18 on 2007 and i can't wait. hehe. =D

right now, i'm nervous already. i'm not ready to face those professors again. i just wish they will be as nice as my professors before. but then, aside from nervousness, there is also the feeling of excitement. of course, i'm going to see my friends and blockmates again. but for sure, we will going to have new classmates because according to the news that my KUYA NIKO told me last week, there will only be 5 sections unlike before which was 6. so, hopefully, they will be nice and very friendly. and also, i hope that they could ride on to our 'kalokohans'. hehe. =D

my uniforms are all ready but the one who will going to wear it is not. hehe. =D i wish that the opening of classes tomorrow will be successful.

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