Sunday, June 11, 2006

Its Bowling Time

just last night, i asked DADDY CARLO about BOWLING, anything and everything about that sport because as you know, BOWLING is my PE this semester. and because i was so eager to know, he decided to bring us to AMF PUYAT BOWLING AND BILLIARDS, which will be the venue of our PE every tuesday afternoon.

after attending 9:30 mass at IMMACULATE CONCEPTION PARISH and eating lunch at my grandma's house, DADDY CARLO brought me, EJ and CAMILLE to that place nga. i knew already how to get there na. haha. =D anywei, as we entered, we haven't seen people playing.

at first, we borrowed bowling shoes there. i was surprised to find out that the shoes that fits me is size 4. so now, i know, what size to borrow on tuesday. hehe. =p then, after a lot of changing of shoes that happened, we chose bowling balls. i chose the one that was not so heavy and its color was orange. hehe. =D

you won't believe me but at first, i was nervous because i might not hit any pin. haha. =D but fortunately, when i released the ball, i hit pins, take note PINS with S and i was so glad that i hit not only one. hehe. =D then, there were times that i haven't hit any pin. haha. =D it was so funny.

then, there were people kept on coming na and they were playing too. and i envy them because they were so great. they actually got a SPARE and even a STRIKE. waaaaa. kainggit!!! but i know someday, i could do that too. hehe. =D

i thought, playing bowling was difficult and hard to learn but when you are on the lane already and you start playing, you will realize it's not. actually, it is very enjoying and fun to play. i'm planning to have a bowling lesson on summer vacation. hehe. =D i'm starting to love bowling na. i might consider it as one of my favorite sports. =p

and because of that, i'm excited to play bowling again on tuesday.

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