Thursday, June 8, 2006

First Day High

i can say that my first four days as COLLEGE SOPHOMORE were quite good and very tiring. my PROFESSORS were really diligent because last monday, the first day, some of them made a discussion already and that made them annoying for me. hehe. =D but then, i was glad when i saw again my friends and blockmates. =D

i've been very busy these past few days accomplishing assignments, take note, ASSIGNMENTS with S. hehe. =D oh my, those professors gave us lots of stuffs to do at home and it made me brainsick. haha. =p i used to face my pc to research for the things about that assigments and it took me long hours to search. that's why, i haven't been posting for the last four days.

anywei, i just share to you my assessment and evaluation about my professors. hehe. =D

MR. ZAMORA [theo] ~ my theo prof AGAIN. he's been our prof when we were 1st year during 1st sem. so, we didn't adjust anymore since we knew him already and he knew us too. as usual, he's so nice and very friendly.
MR. AGNES [histo] ~ new prof in the colegio but it was not his first time to teach. he is also a histo prof in FEU i supposed. honestly, i don't like him but who knows, i might like his way of teaching soon. but right now, he has to prove something. haha. =D
MR. GUAB [philo] ~ i so love his way of teaching. he's great and explains everything well. i guess he's just young but he's perception about things were really deep and influencing. he often uses words with deeper meaning, i mean, those words which are new to us.
MR. EISMA [logic] ~ my prof in one of my majors. hehe. =d he's good and nice too. i hope, he will not change. a good prof i guess. he tends to explain each lesson well. and he used to entertain our questions without hesitation. but what i really love about him is his LAPTOP. haha. =D
MS. RIVERA [eng] ~ another second timer prof. haha. =D she was our english prof when we were in 1st year, 2nd sem.
ENGR. SANCHEZ [physics] ~ one of the nicest prof i ever met. a good professor too. i think, her subject would be an interesting one because of her and i might love physics too with the way she teaches. hehe. =D
MS. TENDA [rizal] ~ her voice is like ISABEL OLI's. hehe. =D very feminine. but i was not impressed with the way she explains.
MS. DAVID [pe] ~ a terror prof i guess. hehe. =D she's the head of the PE DEPT. that's why we are really scared of her. hehe. =d but i hope, she would be nice too. and i wish i would really learn a lot about bowling.

i still have another professor to meet by tomorrow. it will be our first time to attend our subject about database, another major subject.

and before i forgot, EUNICE's 18th birthday tomorrow. =D she's of legal age already and i envy her for that. haha. i'm just kidding. actually, DYEI and i bought presents for her. i hope she like it. =D

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