Friday, June 9, 2006

sad to say but we do had our class today on DATABASE, a major subject. since today is friday, i decided to wear civilian because from what we asked to one of the guards, it is allowed to wear civilian during friday.

anywei, i arrived at LETRAN around 11:40am and i saw lots of freshmen there who just finished their NSTP class. some of them wore NSTP uniform and most of them wore civilian. hehe. =D as i went inside, i saw lots of people in the CATWALK. i started looking for DYEI because i know she will arrive early but unfortunately, i didn't see her. and because of that, i started texting her, even EUNICE and JOANNE. hehe. =D and finally, JOANNE came. then, DYEI arrived together with JEQ, GIAN and ARNIE.

we went up and attended our COMP CLASS. MR. DE LEON is our prof and though he doesn't looks like a professor, but still, he's a good professor. i really do understand the lesson a while ago because he explained it well. actually, he's young pa because he just graduated last 2001 and finished his masteral last year. CONGRATZ to him!!! haha. =D

our section have lots of new classmates and i feel that it will be a crowded room if all of us are present. another 'nakakahiyang' experience was happened to me. when DYEI saw JOSHUA and she approached me while saying: "cez, ayan na ung hinahanap mo" and as i turned my head to see who that one was, i saw JOSHUA and take note, he did the same thing. then i turned to EUNICE and we both laughed. it was 'nakakahiya' talaga because JOSHUA thought that we were laughing at him. and JOSHUA is our classmate in our major subject but he was absent kanina. but i don't have any crush nor admiration to that guy.

after the class, EUNICE, the debutant, treated me and DYEI to PIZZA HUT at SM MANILA. "thanks for that!!!" we just laughed and laughed there. hehe. =D their CHEEZY VOLCANO was really yummy. hehe. =D it was my first time to taste that eh. hehe. =D after eating, we went home already and there my day was.

"thanks for the treat"

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