Saturday, June 24, 2006

Let the Games begin!!!

00today, the NCAA short for NATIONAL COLLEGIATE ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION officially began. sadly, DYEI and i didn't got the chance to watch because we were scared that we might get wet if if we go. hehe. =D just last night, we were talking if we will watch or not but this morning, she decided not to go and i too. and because i have cough and cold pa. the 82nd season's motto is [edit] "PROUD AND TRUE AT 82: BLAZING BEYOND LIMITS" [/edit] but i'm not happy with the mascot. hehe. =D OCTO-ONE is still the BEST!!!

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i ended up watching the opening ceremony on television. =D i saw SAN BEDA's lineup and it is true that they have fil-am players. hehe. =p i hope those players are 'banban' haha. *peace out* but then, kinda nervous [??] because most of LETRAN's keyplayers graduated already and it is only BOYET BAUTISTA and AARON ABAN will be the KNIGHTS IN SHINING ARMOUR. but i hope, those new players will do their best to win again. =D again, everybody is still looking forward on LETRAN and PCU match-up and they believe that LETRAN will be the team to beat again this season. so, i'm expecting another wonderful and successful season of NCAA. i hope that LETRAN will capture again the crown.

after the opening ceremony, the games began right away. first game was between the host BENILDE and the champs LETRAN. well, who do you expect to win?? of course, LETRAN. we got the game one. the game ended with LETRAN's having a score of 65-44. look,, it was 'tambak'. they played really well though ABAN was in the bench because of injury. JAZUL was named the BEST PLAYER.

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yesterday, i found out that i was recommended by my second sem prof to be the ASSISTANT SECRETARY of LCS [LETRAN COMPUTER SOCIETY], the official org of the IT students. waaah!!! i didn't expect that. hehe. =D i hope that it will not affect my studies. i don't want to cut classes noh. =D after my class yesterday, i attended the meeting and they were really nice even our adviser. i just wish that un nga, it will not affect my academics coz you know, if it will affect, then i should back out na. sorry but my education is my first priority. =D

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i have so many things to do pa. waaah!!! i can't believe that it will be this hard to be a sophomore IT student. hehe. =D i'll end this up na. bye!!!

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