Friday, August 31, 2007

As it goes on raining, you go on dreaming. What's worse, you are left stranded, not knowing how long you will stay there, waiting, just patiently waiting.

Yesterday, my mom, together with Daddy Carlo, Camille, Ej and Cha fetched my dad in the airport but before that, they first picked me up at Letran. We waited for about an hour in the airport because we arrived early. I was just sitting inside the car and had some sound tripping because of the beautiful songs played in the radio.

When I saw my dad, the smile on my face didn't seem to fade away and that's a proof how I miss my dad. I do miss my dad so much and after more than a year, we were able to see each other again and I am so happy. We had our dinner somewhere in ParaƱaque and the foods were yummy. Then, we headed home.

I received so many gifts from my dad's friends in Saudi and I am very touched with that. I really didn't expect anything from them but I was really surprised when I saw all the expensive gifts they gave. And even those friends of my dad that I don't know and I haven't met gave me gifts. Thank you so much!

This morning, I woke up early to accomplish the proposed case study in SQA and the powerpoint presentation for the report in SolArchi but sad to say, I haven't finished it. I have lots of things to do and I don't know how to balance my time with that. Tomorrow will be a busy day for all of us that I don't have time for anything related to school. Hopefully, I could do everything on Sunday but I guess, we will go to SM on that day.

I have my gown and dress already. We went to the dressmaker this afternoon and paid for the remaining amount. My mom's dress is really pretty. I haven't took pictures of it. I am so satisfied with how my gown and dress looks like. They are both beautiful and eye-catching.

Sadly, we were beaten by the Red Lions this afternoon. I wasn't able to watch the entire game because my mom and I went to the dressmaker and when we arrived, I switched the channel to HBO and watched Harry Potter 4. I almost forgot the game but my mom reminded me and I switched to Studio 23. That was a close game just like their first encounter this season wherein Letran prevailed. But this time, the luck was on the Lions as they had their sweet revenge against us. Not a big deal for me but for my friends, it was. Well, they watched the game at Araneta, though they were inviting me to join them, but still I can't because my dad is here. Good thing, I didn't watch because Letran lost. But still, I'm looking forward to a Final Showdown between the Lions and the Knights.

My friend, Kath, is celebrating her 19th Birthday today. We handed her the gift we bought last Wednesday. Actually, there is a celebration today at one of my friends' crib but since it will be an inuman session, I rejected the invitation.