Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The love you can't have lasts the longest, feels the strongest and hurts the more.

Today is the moment of truth because we were able to see the results of our midterm examinations which we took last week. I admit, I was really nervous this morning because I know I didn't exert so much effort on the exams knowing that they were indeed difficult.

First was Literature and I am so satisfied with what I've got though I have some corrections that were not corrected. It was my fault and I hate myself for that. I lost 5 points because of my stupidity. I should have double checked and counted it all over again to make sure that the written score is the correct raw score of mine. Geez! It was a big mistake that I had committed for this day.

My professor in Theology was absent that's why we haven't seen the result of that bloody exam. But she gave us an effin' activity, instead. After we have accomplished that said activity, I asked Dyei and Joanne to accompany me as I give the invites to Lola Ina and Lolo Turing. Their place is just two blocks away from Letran. And since, they have a Carinderia there, we had our free lunch. hehe =]

I wasn't able to see my IT Elect exam but according to our professor, I passed it. At first, I thought I was one of those students who will re-take the last part of the exam but thank God, I was not. And since those students who passed the exams were allowed to leave already, I went to the catwalk and I saw the guys there. We had some sort of bonding with the boys of our block and my crush. wahaha =] I felt the uneasiness, of course and my red face was really obvious.

I am so happy with the result of my SolArchi exam. Everyone passed the exam and I am so glad about it. So, tomorrow is the most-awaited day of all. We will be seeing the results of the deadliest exams of all which is DataComm. Gosh, I am so nervous. I just hope that I got passing remarks in all the exams.