Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Never let the things you want make you forget the things you already have.

This is the second day of the moment of truth. haha =] This morning, I arrived at school earlier than usual and waited for Joanne for a couple of minutes in the library. Then, we passed the journal needed for our Lit and after that, we went directly to our room.

We already saw the results of our Midterm Exam in VB and I am very satisfied with the score I have got. I really can't believe that I could excel in that subject because I am not really good in Programming. Our professor let us see the midterm grade but I wasn't able to see mine because all my classmates went in front that I could stand in between them that's why, I left the room without knowing my grade.

We were not able to see our exam on SQA but he let us compute for our midterm grade wherein he called us one by one and dictated to us the scores in the quizzes, class standing and the midterm exam. I'm so much happy with my grade that's why I am too excited to tell it to my dad as he arrives. But he gave us another work to do. We need to do another case study and we will be having a defense before the Final exams. Oh yeah, we are loaded with so much school works to do. We haven't started the case study in Visual Basic plus the report in SolArchi will be on next week and this new case study that we need to accomplish. All of these are due before October.

We have a new professor on Client OS. I admit, I was super nervous when I knew that it was Sir Lazaga because the last time he played as a substitute professor to us, I find him very snobby, strict and terror. We already saw our grades and again, I am so satisfied. Thanks to him because he adjusted our grades. haha =] Anyway, he asked for some suggestions and discussed the house rules to us. I can now say that he isn't bad after all yet I am still feeling the nerves with the random recitation. And the bad thing is, he knows me already. waaaah!

We were all nervous before we stepped inside our room in DataComm because of the bloody and deadly exam that we had taken. But sad to know that the papers were not yet checked and thus, we were not able to see if we pass or not. He just discussed another chapter and promised to us that he will show our midterm grade next meeting. But too bad for me because my 2-day Recollection will be on Monday and Tuesday.

After class, Joanne, Eunice and I went to SM Manila to buy the gift that we saw for Kath. We only spent a little time and we decided to go home. I have the gift now and it will be given to Kath tomorrow because probably, we will not be able to see her on Friday.

I'm just too excited with my Dad's arrival tomorrow. Yeah, as I arrive from school tomorrow, I'm gonna be seeing my dad already and I just can't help myself from smiling. I am a Daddy's Girl and I miss him so much. Now that we are complete again, I will make sure that I spend most of my time with my family that is, if I don't have some school works to do.