Thursday, August 23, 2007

It's hard to feel that you are beside of the one you love, but you know exactly that he/she doesn't love you anymore.

August 22, 2007

Today is the moment of truth. After being postponed, we finally took our midterm exams today. We had taken three midterm exams for three major subjects. I went to school early to review for my first exam which was Visual Basic. I went directly to the Library and borrowed Eunice’s VB book. I didn’t bring mine because I bought my Client OS book, another thick book of ours. Dyei came next.

I find the VB exam quite difficult. Though I studied a lot, still, I guessed on some items because I didn’t have any idea. I screwed up on the Matching Type part because some of the definitions used were rephrased. Even the small details were part of the exam and most of the things that we have studied were not included so, it wasn’t that easy. Our professor told us that we could finish it for just 15-20 minutes, however, 30 minutes had passed and yet, we weren’t done with the first part of the exam.

After the exam, we went to the Canteen wherein Dyei, Julius and Paul had saved seats for us. We ate for a while and decided to go to the Library so we could review for Client OS and the over deadly DataComm. But since all sections of the library were occupied by students and there were no vacant seats, we chose to stay outside the Reference Section which is on the 4th floor of the St. Thomas Building.

We took the Client OS exam with a different proctor because our professor was absent again. We still don’t know if he will be replaced or not. It wasn’t that hard but it wasn’t that easy either. I’m sure I will pass that exam but I don’t know if I could get high score on it but hopefully, I could. And because we finished early, we stayed on a vacant room and studied for the last exam which was DataComm, the much-awaited exam of all (in a sarcastic way).

We were able to see Kevin, a former blockmate, this afternoon together with his friend. He is now studying at PUP taking up Civil Engineering. He was a former athlete of Letran but because of some matters, he decided to transfer to another school.

We went inside room 204 with so much pressure and uneasiness within us after hearing all the comments and complaints of those who took the exams earlier than us. I, too, felt the nervousness and the tension. My heart was actually pounding very fast. When the test papers had been distributed and I checked the pages, I was like ‘what the hell’ because it was so difficult. The last part which is the essay part was the most difficult and complex of all because it was a 6-item part but it is worth 50 points. I was unsure with most of my answers and getting a passing remark on that will be a fulfillment on my part. Everyone was complaining about how hard the exam was and they were actually predicting that they will get a failing score on that exam. And I guess, I also screwed up on that.

Hopefully, I could pass all the midterm exams I took today and those that I will take tomorrow. I don’t want to fail, as in. Tomorrow, we will be taking three exams, one of which is a major subject also.

August 23, 2007

My first exam was scheduled at 730 am that’s why I went to school early. I arrived at 7am and went directly to room302. The room was empty and I was the first one who arrived. But later on, my classmates came one by one. We first took the Lit exam which was an average type of exam. Though the one who made the exam was not our professor, but still, I find it pretty okay except for the Matching Type part again. Haha :D It was a bit confusing yet I know I did a good job on it.

We had an hour and a half break before the next exam and thus, we decided to stay in the Periodical Section of the Library to study. Instead of doing what my friends were doing which was talking and chatting, I and Dyei, on the other hand, reviewed for the exam because we were expecting a very difficult exam on Theo because several modules were included.

The next exam was Theology and as expected, it was as difficult as ever. Actually, it was much more difficult than my other major subjects. Even the True or False part was not easy and very puzzling. The worst part would be the Essay part. It was a 2-item exam type but the equivalent score is so huge because each item is worth 10 points. Promise, this exam was so annoying.

Since we had a 3-hour break before the last exam, my friends and I stayed in the Library again but by this time in the Reference Section. At first, we were reviewing knowing that the exam would be very hard but as time passed by, we got tired of studying and instead, we had some laugh trip. We were laughing out hard even though we were inside the Lib and good thing, the librarian didn’t get mad at us. Nevertheless, I really enjoyed that moment.

I was actually guilty because of the leakage thingy again. I promised not to get involve with that kind of thing but I can’t help it because of my friends. I mean, we were all in the library and someone told us about the questions that could possibly be included in the exam and I really can’t help but to listen because everyone was listening. Even though I tried really hard not to listen but still, I can’t. I know I have committed a sin and I am very much sorry about that. But hey, it will always be a part of student life, right? Even the most intelligent in the world also commits that kind of sin. Haha :D

The exam in SolArchi wasn’t that difficult and I am so thankful because the questions given in our seatwork were also the questions in our exam. It wasn’t that easy either because of the essay part but I’m confident that I could pass it.

Finally, the deadly exams were over and I can now have my rest from all the pressures that the midterm exams had brought to my life. So emotional. Hehe :D Anyway, after the exams, Eunice, Joanne and I went to SM Manila to look for a gift for Kath. She will be turning 19 on the 31st. We already found one and we are planning to buy it on Tuesday (hopefully). We just strolled and checked for cellphones because Eunice is planning to buy a new unit. When we felt that our legs were already aching and our tummy just produced unwanted sounds, we decided to eat at McDonald’s. We stayed there for a couple of minutes and decided to go home.

Well, I missed those kinds of bonding moments with my girl friends and it was so gladdening because we were able to bond even for a short period of time. Before, we often do these kinds of things but because we chose different tracks, we seldom do it.