Friday, August 10, 2007

And this is the price that you pay for being smart in a stupid way. You stand there staring while you watch your lover go away. ~Steven Strait

This day is such a boring day for me. I just stayed here in the house doing my usual stuffs. I woke up early in the morning, around 8am I guess and had my breakfast. After resting for a while, I went back to my room and studied three subjects, all are majors. Actually, I was really lazy but I tried to control myself from feeling that and I did it successfully. I started at 8:30am and ended up at around 2:00pm. I only had 45 minutes break. Tomorrow, I will review for another three subjects. I just hope that I could remember anything that I have been studied.

Eunice and I talked last night about the problem that our barkada is currently encountering. And good thing, it is not a problem at all. Well, to some, I guess, it is not a problem but for us who have been seeing the real color of that girl are not okay with the idea of the courtship thingy. He doesn't deserve someone like her. Perhaps, he is really blinded because he, or rather say, they never notice the real persona of the girl. We, as girls, noticed it already the first time she joined our group. But we can't stop her from joining the group because she is an original blockmate of ours.

But as what Joanne had said before, "Hayaan na natin sila. Malaki na sila. Alam na nila ginagawa nila." Yeah, she's right. They are grown-ups already and I suppose, they know what they are doing. I just hope that whatever happens, the friendship would still remain.

We also planned to watch Rush Hour 3 after Midterm Exams and that would be on Friday at Greenbelt 3. And we decided that it would only be our group's date. I mean, the Thine Iced only which consists of me, Eunice, Dyei, Joanne and Kath. Since we haven't celebrated our 2nd year Anniversary which was last July 14, maybe that would be the right time. Hopefully, Dyei and I could come since Eunice, Joanne and I are always on the go.

I hope that the plan for tomorrow will push through.