Sunday, August 12, 2007

The hardest person to get over is the one you never had.

I woke up early this morning to study for the exams tomorrow. I did review it yesterday but to make sure that I remember everything, I studied this morning. After that, I went online to send an e-card for Tito Rey, who is residing in US right now with his family, because today is his birthday. My cousins then came when I was just surfing the net and invited me to come with them at SM San Lazaro for some picture-taking, you know, in the studio.

I never had any bonding moments with Celine when she stepped here in the Philippines and they will be going back to Abu Dhabi on Tuesday and I guess, going out with them is the only time I could bond with her after how many years of staying in UAE. We are really close, actually. When they lived here for how many years, we used to go out together with Reina, another cousin of ours. We three are indeed close that's why when she left, I felt quite sad because I knew I will miss her. Then, last month, she, together with her sister Claudine, went here for a vacation. At first, there was a feeling of hesitation because, of course, we haven't seen each other for quite a long time. Every Sunday, they used to go here in Manila (because they are staying in Las PiƱas) to visit my grandma. I couldn't bond with them because I am too busy with school.

So I spent the rest of this day with Reina and Celine at SM San Lazaro. We had some picture-taking courtesy of Fuji Film for some remembrance and while waiting for the pictures to be developed, we went strolling. We entered every stall that we passed by and looked for something nice and pretty but we ended up buying nothing because our money was just enough for the studio photoshoot. Since there were lots of customers, it took us a long time before we finally got the pictures. While waiting, we walked and walked until our legs ached. We were kinda pissed with the Fuji Film because we went back there for about three times yet the pictures were not yet in process. But then, after two hours, we had it already and went home.

It was a fun moment with them. Nothing beats a short yet wonderful moments with the persons you really love. Going out with your naughty cousins is such a chaos. haha =] We were scandalous, you know. We were walking all along and we were laughing out hard because of their out of this world actions, stories and words. But it was really a blissful moment with them. I will surely miss Celine, her crazy ideas and actions.

Tomorrow will be the start of the midterms in Letran and I'm pretty nervous. Just wish us luck, especially me. With that, I won't be posting for 4 straight days but I will surely visit my blog to read your comments.