Sunday, September 9, 2007

We at times sit at one corner alone, appreciating life as we see it through our eyes. Then suddenly, someone surprises us, shares that corner until it becomes the world.

After five long months of preparations, my 18th Birthday celebration is now over. It was so successful. It was indeed a blast. I really can’t believe that it will be like that. I am so happy with how everything went through though some of my guests were not able to come and there were some glitches, of course.

I was so touched with my college friends because they went to the venue earlier than the time, considering the fact that they are late comers in class. Haha =] And to my surprised, all my guy friends were wearing coat because as far as I know, they were kinda problematic because they don’t know where to borrow or buy a coat. But according to them, they will do everything just for me. How touching, ayt? My girlfriends were really beautiful in their respective dresses. They were astonishing and stunning.

I know everyone enjoyed the party as much as I enjoyed it. They made me happy with their presence. I am not after the gifts or the money but their presence means a lot to me. Seeing all my friends there made me smile and all my relatives as well.

My party was full of fun and enjoyment. And my favorite part was the party time because everyone’s been dancing and dancing unaware of the people around them. We were all hyper most especially my college friends. We were dancing all night enjoying every beat of the music being played.

Thanks to all people who came. It really means a lot to me. You just don’t know how much you made me happy. I am really fortunate for having loving family and friends. Not all girls are given a chance to celebrate their 18th Birthday but me; I was able to celebrate it. I am super thankful to God for all the blessings He continues to give. Special thanks to Ate Alexis for all the help she rendered during the planning and preparation course. I owe to her the success of my party.

Some of the pics are now uploaded on my Multiply.