Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Find love when you have time and time when you already found love.

Finally, the Archers had beaten the Eagles for the first time this season. I failed to watch the game and my uncle just informed me about it. I am a fan of both teams that's why whenever there is a game between the two teams, I don't know what team to cheer. But congrats to the Archers for winning this time.

Tomorrow, on the other hand, will be the Game 1 of the Championship Game in NCAA. It will be between the Red Lions and the Knights. Just this morning, I was planning to watch the game between the two great teams in the NCAA but my mind suddenly changed because of the pending case studies that we need to work on. The classes will be cut on 12 tomorrow in preparation for the Game 1 and instead of watching, we will be doing the Case Study for VB. If there will be a game on Friday, I will watch and that's for sure.

Ever since this school year started, we were given pain in the ass school works and because of that, I'm getting used to this kind of life I am living now. Just now, we are informed with another case study that is due on or before the Final Exams. You know what, I really can't understand professors. They used to give us loads of works all at the same time as if we are as intelligent as Einstein who could accomplish those works in just a blink of an eye.

Being a college student is tough yet enjoying. You may encounter along the way a lot of projects, tasks, requirements, case studies and thesis but in one way or another, you will start loving it. This life is way different from High School. You can’t just sit back and relax and let your groupmates do the thing. You are required to cooperate. But then, after all has been passed and everything has been settled down, you will feel the fulfillment. That’s why I love my collegiate life.

Looking back, I have never been this busy. I was studying and yet I still find time watching television and of course, texting. But now, it is far different. I could not do some of the things that I used to do before. I couldn’t allot more time for TV unlike before, I was really a couched potato. All I am facing now is my laptop and doing all those research works, case studies, assignments, projects and the like. It is difficult and no doubt about it but living this different kind of life is somehow a memorable experience for someone like me.

Anyways, I’m still not through with the case study due on Monday. The code behind file is still left blank. We have no idea at all. But we will start working it tomorrow and hopefully, we could do something sensible. Knowing my blockmates, I don’t think we could finish it. Haha =]