Sunday, September 16, 2007

It hurts to see someone you love ignore you. It also hurts to see if he doesn't feel the same way, but would it hurt you more if he loves you and you never knew?

After attending the mass this morning, Dad, Mom, Ej and I went to Mall of Asia to unwind. Ever since my dad came, we haven't have any family date because most of the time, there were some extras and I'm talking about my uncle and some cousins.

We arrived there at around 11am and thus, we decided to stroll first before having our lunch. Actually, that was my dad's first time at MOA because when he had his last vacation here, the mall was still under construction.

We went inside every stall that we passed by because it was SALE. haha =] I was really confused with what to buy because there were so many things that I wanted to buy but of course, I have to choose one. Since, I was really undecided, we went first to Nike to look for a bag for my brother. He settled for a navy blue body bag. My dad asked me what I want and I told him that I have nothing to buy at Nike but all of a sudden, a khaki bermuda shorts caught my attention and it was really irresistible. So, I ended up buying that shorts. hehe =D

We had our lunch at Mandarin Wok. They've got yummy foods. It was our first time to eat there and we are satisfied with the foods but not in the slow service. Anyway, after that, we strolled again.

And when we felt that we were tired already, we decided to go home. Oh yeah! It is such a good feeling to unwind with your family and nothing beats that. We seldom do this kind of thing because my dad is working abroad and whenever we go out now, I appreciate it more.

I just really need to relax and have fun for a moment because I'm still busy and pressured with the two case studies that I'm working with right now.