Wednesday, September 19, 2007

I don’t want the moon and the stars. I just want someone who will watch them with me.

I just got home from the much awaited match-up of the NCAA Season. Sadly, the San Beda Red Lions defeated the Letran Knights but I forgot the final score. Anyway, it was a great game, though. I enjoyed every minute of my stay there because of the thrill. Everyone was cheering for their respective school and that’s the spirit.

This morning, we were really undecided if we will be watching or not because of the rain. When I left the house, it was raining really hard that’s why I arrived at school dripping wet. We attended the first class and still, we were unsure though me, Joanne, Kath and Eunice were already sure. But then, we all decided to watch, of course, to give support to the Knights. Actually, before we left the school, we have this motto that whether we win or lose, it’s just okay. We just have to enjoy the game.

We accepted the defeat wholeheartedly knowing that our team is on their first year of re-empowerment because they lost all their key players. It is really a good game, no fights at all and that’s cool. Honestly, I was really afraid because before the game began, the two schools teased each other and so I was scared that the fight that had happened during their last encounter might happen again. But thank God, it didn’t. The game was smooth-sailing though we really can’t stop that most students would say something bad against the other. Well, it’s part of the game.

Some players were also there. To name some are Boyet Bautista, Mark Andaya, Kirby Raymundo, Alex Crisano and Kelvin dela Peña. Even though we lost, I still believe that a vengeance is yet to come. Haha :P Better watch out Lions for the revenge of the Knights.

Finally, I was able to meet Jam in person. She is a blogmate of mine and coincidentally, a schoolmate too. While I was waiting for my class, she and a friend of hers passed by and we smiled at each other. Actually, I’ve been seeing her for how many times but I was too shy to approach her because she is always with her group of friends. But then, it’s a good thing that we already met each other. Hope to see her more.