Friday, September 7, 2007

The person who can make you the happiest person in the world has the best capacity to give you the worst heartache you can never imagine.

I wasn’t able to post these past few days because I am too busy with so many things. When I came back from our 2-day recollection, I faced my laptop and did the proposed case study for SQA. It was due the next day that’s why I really need to finish it. I’ve made a draft already but that time, my mind was blanked and I couldn’t think for something sensible. But good thing, I was able to finish it and I passed it the next day.

We were taught of Java by my professor in SQA and we all don’t know why there is a need for him to teach that I mean, it is not part of our curriculum. Yeah, it is already given that we need to learn some other things besides what Microsoft has to offer but Java is not our forte. We are all taking Systems Engineering and not Software Developing. I thought I am already done with Logic Formulation but I was totally wrong. Java is way difficult than Flowcharting and Pseudocoding.

I had a reporting last Thursday and the night before, I was really in a cramming mode because I was doing the powerpoint presentation and the hard copy of the report all at the same time. Plus, I haven’t mastered my report by that time. It was really hard for me to do all those things at the same time. And then, the next day, we had our reporting and good thing, it was successful. We asked our professor to guide us and she did.

Aside from the school works that I am so busy with, my birthday will be tomorrow and all of us here in the house are busy preparing for all the stuffs needed for my big night. I was preparing the programme, guest lists and souvenirs. And my mom and dad, as well, were so busy. Actually, until now, we are doing so many things for tomorrow’s event. I just wish that God will bless me a good weather tomorrow and make my event a successful one and a blast. Hopefully, all the people invited will come. I can sense now the excitement and my friends feel it too.