Sunday, October 15, 2006

having enough rest, well of course, is pretty wonderful. that's why i love Sembreak. hehe =D but on the other side of this, i really feel bored. everyday, i just do the same thing. special thanks to the Taiwanese series It Started with a Kiss coz whenever i feel bored, i just open my laptop or my PC and go directly to Youtube to watch for it. actually, the series is usually shown every Saturday and Sunday at ABS-CBN but since, i'm too excited on what will be happening next, i used to watch it through Youtube. hehe =D well, i finished the series already and i'm so happy with it. nice story and the lead characters acted great. i can't help myself from watching the last two episodes again and again because of the "kilig" it brought me. haha =D it is actually a romantic comedy series but most of the scenes were funny. hehe =D it was shown in Taiwan early this year, around January i guess and it will be having its Season two as part of the sequel early next year and i can't wait for it. i'm super duper excited for the 2nd Season. waaaah = it was a big hit in Taiwan and i didn't notice that even here in the Pinas. my bro informed me that most of his classmates and even schoolmates watch the said series. and also, my cousin which is a boy also watches it. haha =D can't blame them coz it is really captivating. hope to see more series like this. for additional information, in terms of ratings, ISWAK ranked 2nd as the most watched TV series in Taiwan next to Meteor Garden. i got a big crush on the lead actor who is Joe Cheng aka Michael Jiang aka Zhi Shu. hehe =D he's perfect. got the height, the body and the looks plus his chinito, tantalizing eyes. he is every woman's dreamboy. hehe =D it is fun to know that he laughs so hard. yeah, its true, he actually laugh loudly, it seems that there's no tomorrow. haha =D he's a good actor coz in real life, he's so talkative and friendly unlike in the series that he is so quiet, distant and cold. his tandem with Ariel Lin is very cute, they're bagay. i recommend this series to all of you. hehe =D its cute and you will surely love it.

i miss my blockmates a lot. the sad thing is, we are not classmates anymore. but i think, i shouldn't be that sad coz Letran is too small for all of us. hehe =D we will often see each other and that's for sure. but the fact that the gimmicks will be lessened makes me feel quite sad. i used to go out with them and now that we have different schedule, i feel that we can rarely go out. i surely miss the bonding. it's Letran's fault. haha =D they implemented Free Sectioning instead of Blocker. haaaay = i shouldn't be sad coz i will be with Dyei, Eunice and Joanne. no reason to be sad of. and i feel like we are all independent then coz we now chose what we really want and we didn't let others decided for us despite of the parinig through text. this just shows that we have to stand on our own already coz we're old enough to decide for ourselves. but as always, i'll surely miss them for we've shared good and bad memories together.

again, i'm getting so emotional. well, i just can't believe that after a year and a half that we've been together, we are not about to take everything separately except to some. but i'm also excited to meet those new classmates that eventually, will become our newlyfound friends. on the 19th will be the Enrollment and my grandpa's birthday. the IT and ACT students are scheduled to enroll in the afternoon. "guys, see you on Thursday."