Tuesday, October 10, 2006

finally, my DSL connection is now working. yehey!!! the PLDT man came over at around 9am and fixed our telephone line. i'm so happy that after how many days, it is now working well. =D yesterday was the start of our Semestral Break. i have no classes and it will resume on the 6th of November. haaaay. how long?! =D on the 12th of October will be the releasing of On-line Grades. i think, we will not be getting any class card anymore, we just have to see it on our Dot Letran account. oh well. =D on the 14th will be the Online Enrollment and on the 19th will be the Enrollment period.

i don't have load right now and it really sucks. = yesterday, my mom and i together with my cousin went to SM San Lazaro for window shopping. haha =D no, i'm just kidding. we went to the Supermarket for grocery. but before that, my mom bought my cousin a Super Inggo stick. hehe =D he is an avid fan of that show. haha =D

last night, i watched Amazing Race 10 and my bet is still there. hehe =D i love the tandem of Tyler and James and hopefully, they would get the First Place. =D plus, they are so cute. haha =D and speaking of cute, there was this guy whom i saw in the GMA 7's show SIS a while ago. he is a commercial model and his name is Mico. he's so cute, chinito and maputi. waaaah =D and he is a Mapuan, meaning, he is currently studying at Mapua Institute of Technology which you know, our neighbor school. he's in his third year but i dunno his course. he is a former Mr. Cardinal. =D my goodness, he is really damn cute. hope to see him in Intramuros. haha =D

i'm excited with the opening of the NBA. Allen Iverson will be staying for the Philadelpia 76ers and that's good. and i'm also excited with the upcoming show The Amazing Race Asia. i'm looking forward to see Filipinos there.