Saturday, October 7, 2006

finally, the deadly exams are over. yehey!!! i can now have a break. =D nothing new. the exams were very difficult and i can't believe that even our PE exam was hard. i was disappointed on my Philo exams. i didn't expect that it will be that hard compared to our very easy midterm exam. i wish i could pass. with regards to Logic, still the same, still difficult. haha =D i'm just praying that i could pass all of my Final Exams.

got a new layout. its Pride and Prejudice. i just love this film that't why i chose this layout. i was hooked with the story. i'm still in the process of fixing it coz i thought its too messy.

i got two sets of schedule for the Second Semester and it is for my classmates to choose which of the two schedules they would like to have. our sked is PATAYAN. haha =D full load again. i can't find a better sched. we have to accept the fact that our dismissal will be at 6pm. waaaah =

before we went home, i together with my friends, Dyei, Eunice, Joanne, Kath and Cha went to Mcdo near Mapua for some snacks. as usual, lots of kulitan and asaran and of course, picture-taking but we couldn't get the perfect shot. we made lots of poses there but still, not perfect. we'll just reserve that for tomorrow. hehe =D

tomorrow, we will be going to have a procession at Sto. Domingo Church. long walk. haaay. = it will be at 4pm but we will be at SM Manila at 2pm. maybe, we will just stroll there for a while.

i gotta end this up na. i will watch Philippine Idol pa. haha =D i love Gian Magdangal's voice eh. hehe =D