Friday, October 13, 2006

i will make this post a very short one coz i'm in the lazy mode right now and actually sleepy but because i need to undergo Online Enrollment, i should stay awake. today will be the last episode of Love Story in Harvard. = though, i wasn't able to watch most of its episodes, but still, i love it. it is very touching. anywei, when the clock strikes at 12am, it will be the start of our Online Enrollment. we are all decided on what schedule we are about to take and unfortunately, we have different schedules. Dyei, Eunice, Joanne and i agree that we will be taking the first schedule that was made. though, the dismissal will be at 6pm, we still chose it. most of my former blockmates chose the sked C which was made by Julius. they will be taking Bowling as their PE while ours will be Team Sports. it was quite annoying that some of my former blockmates used to force us to change our minds. i hope friendship will not be ruined because of this.

good night to all!!!