Thursday, October 19, 2006

i woke up early for no reason. hehe =D as usual, after eating my breakfast, i turned on the television to watch. since, it was just 8am and Myx Daily Countdown will be on 9am, i switched the channel to Wrestling. hehe =D got some addiction to that though it is scripted. i am really an avid fan of Jeff Hardy. hehe =D well, watching the Myx Daily Countdown became a routine for me together with my cute cousin, Cha. he loves singing Spongecola's Bitiw, the theme song of Pedro Penduko. we used to sing it every morning. hehe =D duet. haha =p

today is our Enrollment and many students including me were shocked with the Tuition Fee. when we had our Online Enrollment, the Tuition there was just 36thou but when my friend texted me before i went to school, it became 44thou. i was like "what??!" it is because of the two books coming from Microsoft. it is worth 4500php per book. instead of paying in Cash, my mode of payment became Installment. haaaay = many students were not able to pay their tuition because their money was not sufficient enough and some didn't really expect our Tuition Fee. good thing, i didn't choose Bowling coz additional 2000php will be added if you tend to choose that.

Dyei, Eunice and i enrolled at the same time and since the line was too long, we just chat and chat. of course, asaran. hehe =D after that, we paid the Tuition and get our PE Uniform. after that, we went home. and by the way, i was with my mom and my cousin, Cha. we strolled at SM Manila for a while.

Happy 76th Birthday to my Grandpa!!!