Wednesday, October 25, 2006

all i can say is that I'M BORED!!! still don't know what to do with my lame life. hehe =D i miss shopping. i haven't been to the mall for about two weeks and it sucks. well, how could i go there if i don't have any money on my wallet nor in my pocket. no baon coz no classes. i couldn't text my friends coz i don't have load. waaaaah. =/ i've been doing the same stuffs everyday and i'm sicked. the classes will resume on the 6th and i can't wait. first of all, because, i'm going to see my friends again, meet some new friends and of course, BAON. hehe =D

change topic. i thought they will be eliminated from the Amazing Race but i was wrong. Tyler and James are still alive and kicking. i hope they would do better. they've been actually the second to the last team to arrive wherein the last team got eliminated. so hopefully, they wouldn't be ousted from the race. i won't let it happen. haha =D Aubrey Miles is part of the Amazing Race Asia together with her friend. aside from them, there is another team from the Philippines. they're husband and wife. i hope they could make it to the Final 3 teams. that said race will be on aired on the 12th of November, i guess and it can be exclusively watched on AXN. so, watch out for it.