Friday, October 27, 2006

i've got a new layout guys. It Started With a Kiss is the theme. hehe =D i've been addicted to this series that first time i watched it. actually, i already finished the entire series in YouTube but i still watch for it during weekends which is dubbed in Filipino. by the way, i have a new navigation on the side and it is called Sound Trip. if you want to listen to the ISWAK OST, you can now play and listen for it. those are the songs used in the series. you may not understand the lyrics coz it's in Chinese, but you'll surely love the melody. i, too doesn't know what those words mean eh. haha =D just try to listen and i'm sure you'll love it. "Khitee, i saw this player on your site. btw, i love Tokyo Drift. i have to visit your blog always just to listen to it. LOL"

this layout is my very first layout that i made. it's kinda messy or let's say, totally messy. hehe =D i'm not genius in making layouts, i just tried if i can do and here it is. hope you'll like it. i'm very much open to your comments.