Friday, October 6, 2006

i didn't notice that i missed out blogging for a number of days. well, i was just too preoccupied with my studies. i'm too busy with my final exams. tomorrow will be the last day of the finals and i'm so happy that i can now have a break from lots of school stuffs. i need to relax and ready myself for the next semester. i miss blogging. hehe =D right now, i'm using my cousin's PC coz my DSL connection is not working that well. it is needed to be fixed before the 13th coz we will be having our online enrollment on the 14th. yeah, we are not blocker anymore. they changed it to free sectioning and that really sucks. = still ain't sure if they will be my classmates again on the second sem coz it will be a first come, first serve basis. on sunday, we will be going to Sto. Domingo Church for a procession. then after that, SEMBREAK na. yehey!!! hehe =D we have already chosen the schedule for the next sem and hopefully, we could fill that entire section so that it will not be dissolved.

just a shor post for today coz i need to study pa. i still have exams tomorrow, remember??