Sunday, October 22, 2006

oh well!!! time passes by so quickly that i didn't seem to notice that two weeks from now will be the start of the Second Semester. i'm not prepared, i mean i'm not yet ready to face those professors again and do their never-ending requirements. at the same, there is the feeling of excitement coz i'll be meeting new friends again for the fact that Letran implemented the Free Sectioning. on the other hand, i still feel sad coz for sure, i'm going to miss my former blockmates and our closeness, of course.

anywei, i've been very busy creating my very first layout. hehe =D its theme, of course, It Started with a Kiss. yeah, i'm really into it. i'm so addicted to it. i'm going to use that layout by next month which is November. i hope you'll like it. =D

i really miss my friends especially right now that i can't text them coz i don't have load as of the moment. i don't have money. haha =D just wanna tell them that i really miss them and i'm looking forward to seeing them on the 6th of November.