Friday, May 12, 2006

Detroit Pistons 2-0

well, no wonder talaga why one of my favorite teams DETROIT PISTONS won 2 straight games again CLEVELAND CAVALIERS. magaling naman xe talaga sila eh. dba???

galing nila. *clap*clap* when i first knew na they won, natuwa ako. hehe. =D feeling ko i'm part of them. haha. =D

i hope na they would be the CHAMPS this season sa NBA. they are simply the BEST. hehe =D

though, i have lots of favorite teams sa NBA, DETROIT PISTONS rank 2nd next to PHILADELPHIA 76ERS. =D

from NBA, lets go to PBL. haha. =D

i'm so glad with how the TOYOTA OTIS SPARKS play this season. they're so galing na talaga. they are playing really well and i hope they can enter the semis and will end as the CHAMPS. =D

un muna for now and post ko.

and by the way, i want to thank JULIUS for the tag and for the info you had given. it was much appreciated. =D

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