Wednesday, May 31, 2006

CD burning

i've been very busy these past few days downloading songs 'coz JOSHUA and SERJ, two of my former classmates, asked a favor if i could burn them a cd. well, of course, they should pay for it. haha. =D it's very cheap lang naman eh. one burned cd just costs 40php. [plugging???] hehe. =D

SERJ's cd, of course, is more on WHITNEY HOUSTON and MARIAH CAREY. i almost finished it na nga eh, only one song is left. i haven't downloaded the song FINE by WHITNEY. actually, i found the song already on my downloader but the problem is, di xa ma-download. i don't know why. i think there's a problem with the song's provider.

on the other hand, JOSHUA's cds are more on JAPANESE SONGS and ANIME THEME SONGS. i find them really hard to download because i am not familiar on those kind of songs in the first place. actually, right now, i am busy downloading songs using LIMEWIRE.

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i hope to finish those cd's on or before friday because by saturday, i should relax myself already. our classes will start on JUNE 5 which i find very early compared to other schools. but knowing that i will be receiving ALLOWANCE again, makes me feel happy. haha. =D

so, gotta go. i still need to download songs pa eh.

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