Saturday, May 13, 2006

We're Okay na [sana]

well, yesterday, i was really surprised when i received a private message from KAM, REX's girlfriend. =D i never expected that she would even approach me in a different way, but then, i'm glad. =p

its kinda weird lang xe na ang first non-personal meeting namin which was through text was a fight i might say. hindi naman talaga away, she just confronted me about something that she misunderstood between me and his bf.

and then, yesterday nga when i opened my friendster account, i was surprised to see her message for me. at first, i thought, it was not her but as i read the message, i told myself XA NGA. of course, i replied. then, when i opened my FS again a while ago, i saw her reply and read it.

and actually, to confirm that we're okay na, i add her up to FS. =D galing nga eh. it just started with a fight [??] but it ended up in friendship [sana!!!] i'm looking forward talaga na maging friends kami. =D

i can see that she's nice naman. though i admit, nainis talaga ako sa kanya sa inasal nya the last time we texted each other.

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