Friday, May 5, 2006


this day was another boring day. =/ ala xe kami ginawa today and we didn't even go out.

i started my day by waking up at around 9:45am. hehe. =D then, naghilamos ako and wore my contact lenses. then, i took my breakfast with my bro. after that, i watched tv na.

then, we took our lunch and watched tv again. i got so tired of sitting and watching thats why i took a bath and after that, i watched again then sleep. hehe. =D

when i woke up, i took my merienda then went to my grandma's house. she went out of the hospital kanina lang. and i'm so glad na ala xa na kahit na anong sakit. =D

dba?? watta boring day. and by the way, on sunday pala, fiesta sa amin. haha. =D

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