Thursday, May 18, 2006


there are so many people whom i want to congratulate. but because i can't congratulate them personally, i'll just use my blog anywei. =D

first and foremost, i want to give my warm congratulation to MR. LEO ORACION, the very first filipino to reach the peak of the highest mountain in the world, the MT. EVEREST. grabeee!!! i'm proud of him talaga. he's so galing. i thought it would be ROMY GARDUCE but i realized i was wrong when i heard on the news last night that LEO had reached the peak of the mountain at about 5:54 pm [ain't sure]. and also, i want to congratulate MR. ERWIN EMATA for being the second filipino to reach the MT. EVEREST. =D

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next, to BJ 'n TYLER for winning the AMAZING RACE 9. after nine countries, 59, 000 miles and two close calls to elimination, best friends BJ 'n TYLER won a seesaw battle against ERIC 'n JEREMY to claim the one million dollar prize. actually, it was a close fight between the two of them. but because, the HIPPIES were really lucky and SMART, they won. =D though from the very start, my bet was ERIC 'n JEREMY, still i'm happy to know that the HIPPIES won. =P

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bj 'n tyler

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the top 3 teams this season

and also, congratulations to TOYOTA OTIS SPARKS for entering the SEMI-FINALS. hehe. =D i'm just happy that at last, they got the chance to enter the semis. i hope that they would end up as CHAMPS but i know also that MONTANA is such a tough team to beat. i just wish the SPARKS the best of luck. =D

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