Monday, May 29, 2006

I'm back!!!

it's been quite a while since i made my last post. maybe, i just became lazy for the last five days. hehe. =D i don't know what to do with my lame life. haha. =p

i was really disappointed with how the PHOENIX SUNS and the DETROIT PISTONS played for the first three games of the series. i was not happy 'coz their opponents had beaten them two times and the series was 1-2. i hope to see more actions and good performances from them in the games to come.

anywei, opening of classes is getting near [JUNE 5] and i can say that i'm not yet ready to face those professors again. haha. =D waaaah, VACATION IS OVER. here comes the LESSONS again.

actually, there's a feeling of nervousness on me. of course, it is really nerve-rocking knowing that the subjects you'll going to take will be harder than before and right now, i'm really clueless who my professors are. waaaah. i hate this feeling.

but then, there's also a feeling of excitement 'coz i'll be going to reunite with my friends and former blockmates. hehe. =D i missed them a lot especially those harutan and kulitan, the lokohan and the laughters. i can't wait to see them again.

yesterday was MAMAY'S 18th birthday. she was my former classmate and a friend of course. she hadn't have any celebration but i greeted her through text. and tomorrow will be my KUYA NIKO's birthday. hehe. =D

i'm planning to change my layout again and i'' be fixing it now. =D so, till here muna.


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