Tuesday, May 16, 2006

I Miss You!!!

andami ko talagang nami-miss sa panahon na toh. hehe. =D

first on my list, of course, is my DAD. u know naman that he went to SAUDI just yesterday so parang we are adjusting pa. xe nasanay na din kami na andito xa. 45 days din xa xe nag-stay here unlike before na 1 month lang.

of course, i really do miss my girl friends, THINE ICED. gosh!!! i can't wait to see them again. i really miss their company, our conversations, our laughters and our harutan. hehe. =D xe naman, last enrollment, di ko sila nakita lahat.

next, mga BLOCKMATES ko. =D hehe. i just miss them especially ung kulitan and harutan sa room pag alang prof. ung pag tambay sa catwalk. ung kopyahan. haha. =D just kidding. i'm looking forward to seeing them soon.

then, my HIGH SCHOOL FRIENDS. its been a long while rin since we last saw each other and i'm excited to see them again. i know that all of us became busy last school year at mas lalo pang magiging busy but i like to see them talaga. hehe. =D i miss them a lot.

next is my SIS JENNY. antagal ko ng di nate-text toh. waaaa!!! =/ sori xe ala akong load right now. low budget. haha. =D "sis, enxa talaga. once na nagka-load ako, i'll text you right away."

my HIGH SCHOOL TEACHERS. haha. =D kanina xe, i went to my former school to enroll my cousin. i saw some of my teachers and i can say i really miss them na rin. they were so nice xe eh. =P

anywei, i can say that i miss a lot of people. haha. =D i'm excited to see them again.


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