Sunday, May 7, 2006

Happy Fiesta!!!

fiesta sa amin ngaun. FEAST OF STA. MONICA actually. =D i can say that it was really dry. =/ onti nga lang ang mga visitors namin eh but still, i got tired din naman.

anywei, i won't detail out the things that had happened about the feast but instead, i want to say that i'm really glad that PHOENIX SUNS entered the 2nd round of the semifinals ng NBA. wooohoo. I LOVE BORIS DIAW. haha. =D

but i love DETROIT PISTONS more. hehe. =D i want them to be the CHAMPS again. i do idolize CHAUNCEY BILLUPS. gosh, he's so GALING talaga eh. =p

but of course, the BEST TEAM for me is the PHILADELPHIA 76ERS especially ALLEN IVERSON. =D he's the BEST for me. i really love the way he play. he's really GOOD. =D

i like the SAN ANTONIO SPURS too. i like MANU GINOBILI. =D

this sum up my favorite teams in the NBA. =D hehe.


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