Thursday, January 18, 2007

yesssssssssss. :D finally, the deadly exams are over. i'm so glad that everything went fine and we're just waiting for the results next week. i just hope that everything will be okay, i mean, for me, you know, to have passing remarks. i'm really looking forward to that. the nerves are still here until the 30th. haha ;D anywei, i only had three sets of exams today namely Humanities, Theology and the bloody Visual Basic. with Humanities, it was kinda okay. i really hate the Matching Type there. with Theology, it wasn't good. hehe ;D well, most of the questions weren't discuss and i just guessed. but our prof told us after the exam that there will be a lot of Bonus points there. yes!!!

since we had a long break before VB exam, we decided to eat first. we went to the Library and lots of funny moments happened there. from the canteen, while we were walking towards the Library and on the elevator. haha :D Dyei, Eunice and Joanne knew these things. hehe :D at first, we thought of taking the VB exam at 3pm but since we were all tensed and nervous, we decided to take it at 4.30pm.

what can i say about the exams?? well, NOSEBLEED. haha :D it was so difficult. i really can't believe that the exam was that hard but fortunately, i passed it. :D coz as we pass the test paper to our prof, she would check it right away so before we went home, we already know our score. i'm very much contented with what i've got. actually, i'm really afraid to fail this subject coz this is one of the four majors i'm taking right now.

on the 22nd and the 24th, we will be having our Practical Exam in Networking and i'm pretty sure that it will be hard. hehe :D just wish us luck. then on the 30th, we will be having our Defense in VB. waaaaah. i'm so nervous. arrrrghhhhh!!!