Wednesday, January 31, 2007

since February is the Love Month, i decided to use a Princess Hours-inspired layout. :D i really love the series that even though it is aired late in the evening, i do watch it. the tandem of Gian and Janelle is great and brings kilig to me though Troy is cuter. haha :D

we have lots of school works to accomplish and so, i can't promise to post regularly. our Practical Exam in Networking was kinda okay. i just hope to pass it. i'm afraid to fail the Practical because it is 60% of the Midterm Exam. waaaaah. gudLuck. :D the defense in VB will be tomorrow and i'm so nervous. we'll be having a quiz on SAD and VB.

other school stuffs to finish:
Hum ~ movie reviews (2)
VB ~ machine problem (again!)
PE ~ cheerdance to be presented next Friday