Monday, January 1, 2007


last night, we didn't have any firecrackers but instead, we just watched our neighbors and their firecrackers. hehe. :D the fireworks also and the fountain. we stayed outside the house and had some picture taking while waiting for the clock to strike at 12am. when the countdown began, we hurriedly went inside the house.

this afternoon, we had a reunion on my dad's side. we are actually required to wear Green. we had some games and picture taking of course. we actually danced and sang. after the party, we had some inuman but i just drunk a bit. i really enjoyed my cousins' company. when they started to leave one by one, i also decided to go home too since my mom and my bro are already in the house that time.

pics are uploaded on my Multiply account. just check in there the pics during the New Year's Eve.