Sunday, January 14, 2007

these past three days, i was so busy reviewing my notes for the upcoming Midterm Exams. i'm really feeling the nerves and the pressure. coz i have this fear of failing eh. argggh. hate this feeling. amf!!! i have to review six subjects for three days. last Friday, i studied PE, English, Physics and SAD then yesterday, i studied Networking and VB and this afternoon, i'll be reviewing IRM. oh my!!! i need to review my four major subjects earlier than the exam day because on Monday and Tuesday, our dismissal will be at 6pm and the time will not be enough for me to review those majors. i just hope that i can remember all the things that i reviewed on the day of the exams. just wish us all GOODLUCK. we know we can do it.

GoodLuck on our Midterms.